Where has Alice Crimmins been since her parole?


As of June 2014, the Investigation Discovery website A Crime to Remember indicates that Alice Crimmins' last known official residence was in Boca Raton, Florida, though individuals have reported seeing her in the New York City metro area. Crimmins was the subject of intense media scrutiny during her two trials for the murder of her children.

Alice Crimmins was in her late twenties when she was convicted of the murder of her two children. Much of police and media focus at the time was centered on Crimmins' style and beauty, and she became infamously connected with the murders of her 5-year-old son Eddie and 4-year-old-daughter Missy. During her time in prison, Crimmins' behavior was good enough to allow her weekend furloughs, and it was on one of these furloughs that Crimmins married her second husband, with whom she moved to Boca Raton, Florida, after her 1977 parole. She has largely been out of the public eye since her release from prison.

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