All 5 Pieces to Exodia?


There are codes that one can use to find all 5 pieces of Exodia in the game Yu-Gi-Oh. These codes are: left leg: 44519536, left arm: 07902349, right leg 33396948 and right leg 2: 70903634. The code for the head of Exodia is 08124921.
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Exodia the Forbidden One: 33396948. Left Leg of the Forbidden One: 44519536. Left Arm: 07902349. Right Leg: 08124921. Right Arm: 70903634.
1. Play through the story mode of "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses" until you reach the duel with Jasper Dice Tudor. 2. Begin the duel against Tudor and summon your creature
Actually since you start out with five pieces in your deck the odds would be 5/40*4/39*3/38*2/37*1/36 which would come to 120/78960960 which equals to 1/658008.
Exodia Card passwords: Exodia Pieces: 33396948, 44519536,
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1. Go to the "Build Deck" menu and access the reincarnation chest. You are allowed to use the reincarnation chest once every five battles. Using the ...
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