All Gatorade Flavors?


Gatorade is available in a wide variety of flavors and bottle sizes. The first flavor, Lemon Lime, was introduced in 1969. Other flavors include Orange, Fruit Punch, Frost Glacier Freeze, Fierce Lime, Fierce Melon, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Ice, Cool Blue and Cherry Rain.
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Gatorade flavors: Lemon Ice - Frost Glacier Freeze- Frost High Tide - Fierce
Lemon Lime was the first Gatorade flavor, and has a strong lemon and lime taste. It is part of the line of original Gatorade flavors. Fruit Punch is another of the original Gatorade
The flavours are. : oreo cookie. ginger megs. rum and raisin. mango magnificent. fly spray. penut butter. blue tongue lizard. cat hair. kitty litter. and my favourite flavour of all
The best by far was Citrus Cooler but they don't make it anymore as far as I can tell. It was also Michael Jordan's favorite flavor. All the current flavors seem about the same
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There has been 32 different flavors of gatorade: lemon lime, feirce grape, glacier freeze, cherry, and riptide rush, and fruit punch are some of the most popular ...
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Gatorade is a fruit flavored sports drink. It is marketed as a drink that will replenish and replace fluids during strenuous exercise. The average price for Gatorade ...
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