All Nerf Guns Ever Made?


As of 2013, there are over 100 different kinds of Nerf guns ever made. All the guns feature foam darts or balls, which minimizes the impact and causes less damage to skin. Nerf guns were heavily created and marketed during the early 1990's. The parent company who owns Nerf guns is Hasbro as of 2013. Nerf was originally created by the toy maker Parker Brothers. In addition to Nerf guns, Nerf makes footballs, super soakers, and laser tag products.
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A factory in China.
The first Nerf Gun was called the Nerf Blast-A Ball. Cha Cha!
1 Get the supplies you'll need. 2 Get the attachment and the cutting tool.
I would definately say the Longshot. 3 guns in one? HOW CRAZY IS THAT!
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All of the Nerf gun products ever made are not listed in one particular place. You could go to some Nerf Gun Hall of Fame website in order to find some of them ...
There are a lot of different Nerf guns out now. They include the N-Strike, Vortex, Super Soakers, Dart Tag and Sports. ...
NOTE:I WILL NOT BE NAMING THE OLD ONES CAUSE THERE ARE TO MANY secert shot as 1 recon cs 6 raider cs 35 longshot cs 6 hyperfire rev 10[dart tag] longstrike cs ...
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