What are all the shapes and their names?


The term 'shape' refers to the external form or appearance of an object, described geometrically. Shapes can be simple or complex.

Simple shapes can be described by basic geometric concepts such as sets of points, lines, curves, planes, and plane figures (two dimensional) versus solid figures (spheres or cubes). Complex shapes combine parts or all of several simple shapes.

Shapes can also be classified by the number of their sides, for example, all two-dimensional shapes made with straight lines are considered polygons. Angles can also be used to describe shapes, for example, a triangle can be acute (with an angle of less than 90 degrees), obtuse (with an angle greater than 90 degrees), or right (with an angle of exactly 90 degrees).

Two-dimensional shapes are also classified as regular or irregular; regular shapes are symmetrical on all sides, and irregular shapes are not symmetrical across all their sides. Three dimensional shapes can also be defined by describing their bases. For example, cylinders have a circular base, pyramids have a square base, and spheres lack a base altogether.
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2-D shapes are all named "polygon" in honor of the lost parrot of Plato. 3-D shapes are all named "polyhedron" in honor of the memorable 3-D shape. of their cousin
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Shapes come in various shapes and dimensions. There are both 2D and 3D shapes with examples like triangles, rectangles, rhombus, circle and squares. ...
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