Allergic Reaction to Laundry Detergent?


An allergic reaction to laundry detergent is often caused by the dyes and perfumes in the detergent. A mild allergic reaction can cause rashes, hives, wheezing, asthmatic symptoms, and red and itchy eyes. One can treat mild allergic reactions to detergents with over-the-counter antihistamines. In rare cases, people who suffer severe allergic reactions to laundry detergents and may need to seek medical care. Laundry detergent is available in dye and perfume-free formulas and this can be helpful to those who suffer from laundry detergent allergies.
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We had a reaction to laundry detergent too. Now we make our own. Here's a good video of how to make your own.
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1. Examine the irritation. Those who have detergent allergies typically suffer from itching, redness, inflammation or peeling where the skin has been in contact with the clothing.
there is a reaction because laundry detergent is a base and vinegar is an acid so when you mix them together a chemical reaction will occur
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