How Much Iodine Is Safe If You Are Allergic to All Fish?


The amount of iodine that is safe if you have allergy to fish depends on your age and weight. Younger people are more susceptible to overdose than older ones. It takes more amount to affect adults.
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If you're allergic to fish then getting sufficient iodine still shouldn't be too much of a problem. Seaweed contains iodine, as do some vitamin supplements.
If allergic to betadine, the
* Iodized salt, sea salt, and salty foods. Because it’s hard to know which restaurants use iodized salt, you might want to avoid eating out during this time. * All dairy products
People who are allergic to iodine actually produce too much iodine and when more is introduced to the body a reaction occurs. Some people are only allergic to shellfish but others
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Iodine is commonly injected into the body to enhance the images of x-rays and CT scans. Some allergic reactions to iodine are mild, while others may be more severe ...
Yes, there is a synthetic tracing dye for persons who are allergic to iodine or shell fish. If an allergic person has any sort of medical test or procedure done ...
If a patient is allergic to iodine then a solution of sterile water and anti-bacterial soap is used on the vaginal area during surgery. Make sure to tell your ...
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