Allergies Make You Light Headed?


Allergies make you lightheaded for many reasons. Allergies often cause people to suffer from migraines. These migraines can cause that light headed feeling.
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There are a number of reasons you may feel lightheaded. You could be hungry, dehydrated, vitamin B12 and Iron deficient, overly tired, fighting a cold or maybe it could be that Brad
When a person is light-headed, she feels dizzy and unstable. Some people describe the condition as feeling like a balloon that is about to float away. Light-headedness can be due
1 Blow or inhale deeply like crazy. Blow up a big balloon, act like you're out of breath, or make a buzzing noise with a brass instrument's mouthpiece for 30 seconds or so. Ad
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The term "allergy" covers a wide range of conditions. Numbness and tingling in the head could possibly be caused by severe congestion related ...
Feeling light headed could be caused by lack of sleep, lack of food, allergies, use of drugs, use of tobacco, use of alcohol, hyperventilating, anxiety, stress ...
Dry eyes and light headed feeling is usually caused from some sort of allergies. However if you're dizzy then it could be something a bit more serious. Get to ...
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