What is an Alocasia Polly?


The Alocasia Polly is a unique and striking plant which produces unusual and large arrow shaped leaves. The Alocasia Polly has beautiful and bold colors and strong and thick stems to support the large leaves. The Alocasia Polly is also known as the African mask plant. This plant needs warm temperatures to thrive, moist soil, and also does well in indirect sunlight. This plant is small and does well in four to six inch pots and can be purchased at many gardening stores around the country.
Q&A Related to "What is an Alocasia Polly?"
1. Plant the Alocasia polly in a large pot with a mix of half peat and half perlite. Place the plant in a window with full sun filtered by a sheer curtain. Make sure the area stays
Maryla, In the winter they prefer to be kept dryer and they need lots of light. It needs the artificial light for at least 14 hours a day, not just 8. Does it get the light it needs
1 Fill a shallow tray with pebbles and add water. Place the Alocasia "Polly" plant's container on the pebbles and add water regularly to keep the pebbles wet. This "
al·o·ca·sia (l-kzh, -zh-) n. Any of various tropical Asian aroids of the genus Alocasia, grown as ornamentals for their large heart-shaped or arrowhead-shaped
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