Alphabet in Different Lettering Styles?


The alphabet in different lettering styles use different fonts. Each style or design of these letters come in different varieties. With the use of creativity, alphabets are written or drawn in unique ways such as graffiti, comic style and even type written style.
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1. Sharpen your pencil to a fine point. 2. Use a ruler or lettering guide and your pencil to lightly draw guidelines for your letters. Alternately, you can use graph paper with pre-printed
Vowels- A,E,I,O,U. Consants-Every other letter that's not a vowel.
Helika a spiral Greek, Jonquil flower Latin, Iola
The alphabet consists of 26 'letters' This type of letter is a written or printed symbol representing a sound or set of sounds in a language and used to spell words. There is also
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Different Lettering Styles of the Alphabet
Whether you are a tattoo artist, a genealogist who makes family trees, or a greeting card designer, you have an arsenal of alphabet lettering styles from which to choose to make your text special. The advent of the computer and word processing have... More »
Difficulty: Easy
In order to write the alphabet in different lettering styles, it is very important to develop patience. That is the major required skill in terms of drafting in different lettering styles. That is the major skill which weighs more on these types of lettering, due to requiring concentration and respect to the learning curve.
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