Alphabetical List of Artists?


Many museums have a list of artists and works being shown at the museum. The list can be organized in several ways, such as alphabetical, but location, or by era.
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You could begin with the last names that start with A's and go down the list. You can also alphabetize a list of artists by band name. The most important this to remember is that you follow the letters of the alphabet.
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There are a few ways to alphabetize a list of names. You can do it by either first or last name.
1. Go to, click on the "Text Tools" tab and click the "Alphabetize Text" link. 2. Select the type of separator that is between your words, such as
Any letters that start with A go first , then B go second, so on and so forth. If you have a word such as " any " and " anthopology " in your list you put the
grep -v "[^abcde]" In other words, filter out words that match any character other than {abcde}. Complexity: Because regular expression matching (lexing) can terminate early
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