How Do You Put Apostrophe Words in Alphabetical Order?


The apostrophe has more than one purpose. It can represent possession, like in John's coat. It can be used to create a contraction. In the contraction use you can treat the word as though it were the whole thing rather than a contraction. Can't would be treated like cannot. In the possessive format you can simply think of it as not being there and put the item in order.
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The apostrophes when used in the Latin language serve many purposes. These apostrophes are punctuation marks that sometimes serve as diacritic marks that show possession.
1. Open the Word document you want to sort alphabetically. 2. Highlight the list within the Word document you want to sort. 3. Click the "Home" tab and click "Paragraph
I guess you meant alphabets of English, but since you didn't specify that I would point to the logic behind order of Sanskrit alphabets. More about
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