Alphabetizing Hyphenated Last Names?


One alphabetizes hyphenated names by using the letter of the first name. When placing hyphenated names in alphabetical order, treat the hyphenated name as one name using the first few letters of the name to alphabetize it. The process of alphabetizing is a great way to organize lists and files for easy navigation and access. People have been alphabetizing since ancient times and this process is commonly used in business, schooling, as well as in personal organization.
Q&A Related to "Alphabetizing Hyphenated Last Names?"
1. Write down the hyphenated name. For example, "Turner-Anderson. 2. Treat the entire name as one entity. Thus, only look at the positioning of "Turner. 3. Alphabetize accordingly
I chose to have a hyphenated last name when I got married because I wanted to keep my name but also loved the idea of having my husband's name. It is the best of both worlds. I feel
Your order is correct. Use this logic with your coworker: in the dictionary, mother-in-law comes after mother, and twenty-one comes after twenty. Or this logic: Someone carries that
Say your name was Lola Jones-Davis. You can either pick one or the other and abbriviate it like Lola J. or Lola D. Or, you could do this: Lola J-D. You could also do this: Lola JD
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