Am I a Girl?


Well if you are a girl, you would know because of your body parts. Check your birth certificate and it will tell you.
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There is a quiz on the internet that will tell you what type of girl you are. It is fun to take and askes questions about your hobbies and the clothes you like to wear. If you would
buy her a couple of drinks as you bar-hop; land up at your place, and fix a drink-- and pull her close and start making out... am saying this based on experience with a similar chyck
No need, just ask your dad to teach you.
Just like if you see her in the copy room or somethin' bump in to her, and say. oh I'm sorry- let her answer- Do Iknow u? let her answer. Oh Im blah-bllah. let her answer. Hey I know
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A girl has several definitions but all meaning one thing. A girl is a female child to young womanhood, a daughter, a young unmarried woman, lass or maid, woman ...
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