Am I Covered on My E111 Form?


The E111 is a document from the department of health in the UK is a type of travel insurance that covers a traveller for any treatment that may be necessary during the journey. The insurance may cover chronic diseases and other pre-existing illnesses.
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The contract between your union and the state does not cover this benefit in Article IX. Therefore, your domestic partner and any of his/her dependents will not be eligible.
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The health care costs of residents of the UK are covered by the state, so long as they are from within the European Union. As such, presently, the E111 form is ...
The E111 health cover form was phase out in 2006 in favor of the European Heath Insurance Card (EHIC). You can apply for this online or alternatively by phone ...
The E111 form ceased to be valid and instead the EHIC, European health Insurance Card, replaced it. It ceased to be valid on the 31st of December 2005 with EHIC ...
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