Am I Eligible for Housing Benefit?


Housing Benefit is for people with a low income who have to pay rent or have financial difficulties in paying rent. It is paid by your local authority regardless of whether you are available for, or in, full-time work. If you think you may be eligible for Housing Benefit, check your eligibility for housing benefits with your local council.
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This was copied from the DWP website... Savings over £3,000 (£6,000 if you or your partner are aged 60 or over) affect how much Housing Benefit you can get. From 10 April
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To be eligible to housing benefit, you must be an employee who pays rent and your capital income is below a certain level. This benefit can cover your house rent ...
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There are a number of benefits that you are entitled to according to your eligibility. Some of the benefits include; income support, council tax benefit, Housing ...
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