Amana Furnace Troubleshooting?


A person can troubleshoot an Amana furnace by first disconnecting the furnace. The filter also needs to be lifted out. The temperature also needs to be analyzed.
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1. Disconnect the power to the furnace by turning off the breaker at the circuit panel. 2. Lift up and slide the non-louvered door out of the furnace. 3. Locate the filter that is
1. Start with your thermostat. It may have been accidentally turned off or the batteries may have run down. It should be set on the "heat" position, and the temperature
1. Replace the air filter on the furnace. A clogged or dirty filter prevents airflow and a new filter often solves the problem entirely. A bad filter may also cause the furnace to
1. Find the LED display panel for your furnace. The LED display panel can provide you with a significant amount of information. Check to be sure that the green LED power light is
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