Amazing Race Prize Money?


The Amazing Race is a reality TV show that is aired on CBS. The show takes couples and has them compete against one other in different challenges. The winning couple will earn money and prizes from these challenges. The couple or team who crosses the finish line at the final challenge is declared the winner and will earn the largest prize. The winners of the season will win $1,000,000. This does not include the money that they might earn from the different challenges that they win along the way as well.
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First team to finish the last leg of the race gets 1,000,000 dollars What does the second and third place finishers receive?
The winning team on "Amazing Race" 2009, siblings Victor and
The pair that won the "Amazing Race" in 2009 each split a cool $1 million prize. The California native siblings, Victor and Tammy Jih, won the large prize after a close
1 million dollars and possible prizes throughout the race.
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