Where are the quick release mounts on the ambico tripod v-0552?


The quick release mounts on the ambico tripod v-0552 are with the producer. Calculate the opening and see what other brand quick releases will work paying attention to the shape and locking mechanism.
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I think you are referring to the QR plate (quick release plate) Since I have ne'er heard of "Ambico" before, the only thing I can suggest is that you take the head into
Research the make and model of tripod you have and look into replacement parts based on that. If what I think you're looking for is correct, you're looking for a. tripod plate. If
A tripod is a three-legged stand that you mount your camera on. The purpose of a tripod is to hold the camera perfectly still to eliminate blur from movement. Tripods come in a range
Silicone (not silicon) lubricants are perfect for this kind of thing. They come in sprays and as a paste in a tube, they are not expensive and they are commonly available at Ace,
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