Amendments 11 27 for Kids?


Amendments, or changes, to the U.S. Constitution include the Bill of Rights, which are amendments one through ten. Amendments 11 through 27 are those changes made from 1795 to 1992. Descriptions of these amendments include: the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery; the 15th amendment, which made it possible for every man to be able to vote, regardless of color, or whether they had been slaves.
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we have amendments for the protection of the natural human rights that is put into the constitution Aileen L.
Amendment 11 states that the Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to
Read them here.…
The amendments 11 thru 27 are the amendments to the United States Constitution after the Bill of Rights. This will be short as I will not put them all here, but point you to a web
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