How Much Does the American Girl Doll Hospital Cost?


The American Girl doll hospital does do repairs. The cost of the repairs is different for the type of doll (bitty vs The 18' dolls). The cost of the repairs also varies dependent on the repair that they perform. The costs are listed on the application hospital admission form.
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To admit a doll, download a hospital admittance form from, complete the form, and ship the doll and appropriate fees to the address provided. For a head or limb reattachment
800-845-0005 is listed on the Doll Hospital Admission form for more information.
1 Find your favorite doll to take with you. Try to bring dolls with straight hair or with short hair, like Kit Kittredge. It's harder to care for dolls with long curly hair when you're
To fix a doll's hair, there is a wellness visit for $24
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