Where do American gypsies live?


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American Gypsies
This reality series follows the Johns family, one of Manhattan's most prominent Gypsy families, as it works to preserve Roma customs... More »
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Well, as a Romani person who lives in America (3rd generation) it's really quite ordinary. I haven't seen the show, granted, but with reality t.v. being sensationalist, they're examining
Parts of Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and West Virginia.
There are over one million Gypsies living in America today, and most people don’t know anyth.
Stick Figure Productions
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American gypsies are actually a blend of native Hungarians, Germans, English, Romanian, Russian and Serbian descendants of nomadic families that choose to live their lives separated from the general population.

Therefore, they are easily recognizable by their non-conformist clothing and their abilities to easily move and assimilate into other welcoming gypsy communes around the U.S.

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