Where Would I Find a Correct Map of the Ley Lines of North America?


Ley-lines are elusive energy paths across the Earth's surface. You can find maps of the ley- lines of North America online by visiting; divinecosmos.com, www.godlikeproductions.com, and dowsingworks.com among others.
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You can't but you do need to question where you are getting your scientific information. It sounds like its from pseudo-scientists who say things like "this is a fact" even
Any trickster or charlatan will make one up for you. You could get your tea-leaves and your tarot cards read while you're there.
They are not scientifically recodnised by the all knowing "establishment" - if they don't know the answers, no one else does either! As a dowser i know
Over the years, we have gotten calls from other people interested in a ley-line map of their city. If not done correctly, dowsing a city can be dangerous. It's one thing to dowse
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