American Revolution Bicentennial Coin?


What an American Revolution Bicentennial coin is worth depends on the coin type. An uncirculated half-dollar or Type I uncirculated dollar can be worth up to $1.00. A Type II uncirculated dollar can be worth up to $3.00.
Q&A Related to "American Revolution Bicentennial Coin?"
I'm assuming you are referring to the alternate designs on circulating US coinage during 1976? Unless they are proof or uncirculated, they aren't worth anything over face. Coins were
There is a .10 ounce coin worth about $80. There is a
If it's the US Mint-issued George Washington medal, nothing. It is bronze, with literally less than ten cents worth of metal. It's worth a couple of dollars as a medal.
Bob, It's very difficult to tell without having both medals side-by-side. They weigh the same and can be exactly the same color. The only difference is the reflectiveness of the
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