American Subcultures?


There are many different subcultures in America today. This is because Americans are very accepting of others and of diversity. One of the subcultures in American culture that has become very well-known in recent years is the survivalist. These are the people who are prepared for everything, whether that is the world ending as we know it, the economy crashing, or the country being hit by a meteor. They will spend their time preparing themselves and their families, drilling what to do if the worst case scenario was to happen.
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Some american subcultures are bikers, artists, musicians and hobbyist. !
American Splendor comes to my mind. Especially Robert Crumbs role is more apparent in Crumb from Criterion
White trash, rednecks, southern belles, emos, goths, cowboys, surfer dudes, Valley Girls. there are lots and lots of these stereotypes / subcultures.
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