If an American woman is looking for a husband, what steps should she take?


Many American women are looking for husbands and look for them in many different places. They meet them at social functions, parties, church, doing volunteer work, and through online dating sites. Some women choose to place ads on dating sites or in newspapers. While looking for a person worthy of being called husband material, it is always wise to use caution. Meet in public places while dating and ask to meet his friends and family. Be sure to get to know him very well before deciding on marriage.
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My advice would be to try and expand your network of connections. If you cannot find a good match in the people you already know, then logically you need to get to know more people.
Husbands and boyfriends for this question tend to look for another woman to satisfy some urge. Most times he is asking you or letting you know what that is. Only you might not be
Women look for a man who will respect
1 - This was so difficult to read, my eyeballs are bleeding (no offense...) 2 - Your husband is such a jacka$$ that he ogles other women and gets an erection then hits you...WHAT
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