Where are lawn mowers made by American Yard Products sold?


American Yard Products Mowers are sold in a variety of different places including Sears. They have a variety of different products including push and riding mowers. They also sell weed eaters, blowers and several other tools that help people with their yards.
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American Yard Products is now own by Electrolux. and is under the division of Husqvarna. The older brands. Yard pro and. I'm sure there's more. I can't find info on them. The latest
The Yard Machines 19-Inch 12 Amp Electric Powered Mulch/Bag Lawn Mower #18A-V17-800 is currently on sale for $229.00 at Amazon. Technical Details: * 12 Amp Electric Motor. * Mulch
American Yard Products (AYP), based in Orangeburg, South Carolina, does not manufacture lawn mowers but makes equipment and parts for brands that include Craftsman, Poulan, Sears,
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American Yard Products manufactures parts and equipment for leading brands in the mowing industry. Some brands that American Yard Products supplies parts to include Craftsman, Poulan Pro, Poulan, Roper, Sears, and Rally. American Yard Products also has the most extensive line of attachments for lawn and garden tractors in the market today. They manufacture baffles, batteries, bearings, frames, wheels, mufflers, seats, fuel tanks, grass catchers, hoods, and any other part you would need for your mower.
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