Amish Women Shave Their Legs?


Amish women do not shave their legs. They also do not shave their underarms or cut their hair. Amish women are also not allowed to wear makeup or jewelry. The set of Amish rules that prevent this is called Ordnung and it is very strict. It dictates what the Amish people can and cannot do. Amish women are not considered to be equal to men since they live in a patriarchal society. Amish women are responsible for things such as housekeeping, sewing, preparing food for the family, and assisting neighbors when they need help.
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Women shave their legs because it is not lady like to have hairy legs. Also, men prefer to have a woman with soft smooth legs so women make it a goal to save their legs.
Answer1 : women shave their legs becuse it isnt womenly not to. just like how men dont normally paint their fingernails. its the same concept.Type your answer here... Answer2: It
In Western countries, many women shave their legs for aesthetic reasons. This practice has
We have found that a lot of UK women who shave their legs will shave on average once a week. However through our research if a woman shaves her legs with the hair growth and against
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