What causes the taste of ammonia in the mouth?


A metallic taste or ammonia breath is one of the symptoms of kidney disease, according to the National Kidney Center. This occurs due to the accumulation of waste in the bloodstream. About states that a low-carb diet sometimes causes an ammonia breath.

TheHealthSite explains that kidney failure raises the urea level in the blood. In the saliva, urea is broken down into ammonia, causing an ammonia breath that smells like urine and is often accompanied by an unpleasant metallic taste called dysgeusia. The National Kidney Center advises that a person should consult a doctor if he notices other accompanying symptoms of kidney disease, including changes in urination, swelling, skin rash, nausea and vomiting.

A low-carb diet with too much protein produces an ammonia breath and bad taste in the mouth, according to About. Ammonia is produced when the body metabolizes protein. There is usually an increased ammonia in a person's breath and/or urine when consuming high-protein meals.

The body does not need excessive protein, as it uses protein to build and maintain muscles, create enzymes, and perform other chemical and structural functions. Any excess protein is converted to energy, which is where the extra ammonia that manifests in a person's breath and taste is derived, according to About. Ammonia-heavy taste and breath can be relieved by eating more fats and reducing consumption of protein.

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