What is a loud compact bass cabinet to replace my Ampeg 1x15?


I recently went with a GK "Neo" 4x10 cabinet with a horn, as I'm doing a few outdoor festivals this summer. The one I bought already had casters on it, and while it's still a fairly tall cabinet, it still fits in the trunk of my car (just barely),
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Prices for an ampeg 2X10 bass cabinet start around 300 dollars and go up from
That amp will drive 2 Ohms so you could just parallel both cabs together and run the amp as a mono bridged output. The other option (like you have it) is to run each cab in the Biamp
After doing some googling on this subject ... I found a few threads on what some people have used in these cabinets ... one was using the Eminence Delta 12LF, and they only used 2
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According to the band's FAQ, Alex used a Ibanez SR1500 bass, Ampeg SVT200T head, & Ampeg 8x10 cabinet. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 ...
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