How to Create My Own Anagram Tattoo?


To Create an anagram tattoo start by writing or drawing the letters of your anagram on a blank sheet of white paper using a pencil. Then trace over the pencil lines of your anagram with a thin, black marker and erase all pencil lines once you've finished tracing the image. Flip the paper over and trace the image onto the back with the thin, black marker. Tape a piece of stencil paper over the reverse image of your anagram and trace over the marker lines using a tattoo stencil pencil. Peel away the tape once you've traced the entire reverse image onto stencil paper.
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1. Use your regular pencil to write or draw the letters of your anagram on a blank sheet of white paper. Use your eraser to correct any mistakes and take your time to ensure every
Mmmm that's not called an "anagram" ANAGRAM: –noun 1. a word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters: “Angel” is an anagram
1. Determine your desired anagram. Either write the letters of the word or phrase you wish to scramble into an anagram on a piece of paper and use the process of simple trial and
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What's it called when a tattoo says something but also looks like a picture. You could call it graffitti, or it could be a anagram when it reads something one ...
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