Analog and Digital Advantage and Disadvantage?


The advantages and disadvantages of digital computers and analog computers are simple. Analog tends to have a lower quality than digital, but a far reach. Digital has a higher quality of signal, but can't reach as far.
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Hey here you go. Analog: More complex in design. Don't require memory. more noise prone. identical systems are impossible to design. There is always a risk of oscillations due to
For starters. analaog networks (just like television with analog signals, which are now virtually phased-out completely) are getting harder to come by-are being phased-out in favor
Scanner or digital camera? That depends on, what you want to do. I think, a scanner is a basic for graphical design. It has a higher resolution than a normal camera. With a scanner
The advantage of a solid-state video camcorder is that there are no moving parts. The reliability should be much higher than a camcorder with a tape mechanism. A solid-state recorder
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Analog & Digital Systems
Living in the digital age means many common daily tasks have become easier and faster to accomplish. Despite this efficiency, there are still individuals who cling to the "old-school way" of doing things and favor typewriters over computers, turntables... More »
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