Analog and Digital Advantage and Disadvantage?


The advantages and disadvantages of digital computers and analog computers are simple. Analog tends to have a lower quality than digital, but a far reach. Digital has a higher quality of signal, but can't reach as far.
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Digital. Advantages. exact reproducible results of calculation. insensitive to drift, component aging, etc. Disadvantages. all data encoded to nearest representable value. slow and
For starters. analaog networks (just like television with analog signals, which are now virtually phased-out completely) are getting harder to come by-are being phased-out in favor
Accuracy and consistency, theoretically at least. I used to use a slide rule for calculating mathematics - you read from a cursor - lots of room for interpretation. With a calculator
Scanner or digital camera? That depends on, what you want to do. I think, a scanner is a basic for graphical design. It has a higher resolution than a normal camera. With a scanner
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"Digital" is discrete bits (ones and zeroes) that are easy to transmit and store, and easy to manipulate. But "Digital" is a mere approximation ...
Analog vs. digital communication can be considered modern versus ultramodern technology. Digital is faster, by any standard, and yet cannot be considered as stable ...
A digital signal is just a sequence of numbers, so a digital signal can be stored, transmitted, and reproduced exactly - every copy is the same as the original. Mathematics can be used to detect and correct errors. However, with noise or weak recepti ...
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