Analog Digital and Hybrid Computers?


An analog computer operates on inputs of continuously varying electrical voltages.In digital computers, mathematical expressions are represented as binary digits (0 and 1) and all operations are done using these digits at a very high rate.Hybrid computers are computers with combined features of both digital and analog type.
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• digital computers work on discrete data representing quantities by encoding (e.g. integers, coded alphanumeric characters, coded floatingpoint numbers) • analog computers
What we think of as computers today are of course all digital, using a form of Boolean Logic (Truth values where 1=True and 0=False) to represent all manner of "data" with
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1. You will need a media reader that can read your chosen analog media. If you've got a record, get a record player, If you've got a tape, get a tape player, etc. Odds are if you
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A hybrid computer is a type of computer that is designed to provide the features and functions that are found by both the digital and the analog computers. A hybrid ...
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