Ancient Egyptian Merchants?


Ancient Egyptian merchants were people who exchanged luxury or household items made in Egypt for items made in other countries. The merchants would then bring back the imported goods to Egypt and sell them to the Egyptians. The ancient Egyptian merchants would often trade their goods for grain and other things they needed for their own families.
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The merchants generally crouch by their wares which are laid out in baskets.
Ancient Egyptian merchants were people who would go trading with other merchants and brought many valubles to the country. Without them Ancient Egypt probably wouldn't have survived
1. Look at the region in which ancient Egyptians lived. The ancient Egyptian civilization seemed to thrive in the Nile River delta area. The Nile River was a steady water source for
Men generally wore a kilt made of pleated cotton or linen. When the weather cooled they added cotton tops, the style of these changed, in the old kingdom they were usually plain,
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