Ancient Greece Landforms?


Ancient Greece had many landforms like caves and mountains, like Mt. Olympus. The Greeks believed the family of Greek gods lived atop this mountain, theres also Mt Cithaeron in the western part of the White Mountains
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Mountains,lakes,rivers and hills.
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1. Be familiar with the basic time frame of Ancient Greece. Greece as an empire was active some time before the Roman Empire starting around 800BCE and continued until the Romans
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Ancient Greece landforms are geomorphologic units found on the earth surface in Greece. Ancient Greece has huge volcanoes, plateaus, plains, rivers, islands, gorges ...
The Ancient Greece social structures were based on different classes. There were free people and salves. Slaves were owned by free people and mostly craftsmen. ...
Ancient Greece has a vast variety of minerals like gold in the mountains of Thrance and silver in the islands of Sifnos. At Laurium there was lead ore and iron ...
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