Ancient Greek Government?


Each of what are referred to as the 'city-states' that were Greek were run by their own noble families. Since the noble families got to run things as they pleased, new and ever-evolving kinds of governments popped up. Not only were there different government times for different Greek cities, but they were also ever-changing and taking on new ideas. It appears that at some point towards the end of the Bronze Age, pretty much all of the cities changed to monarchies.
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North African migrants. The communities of the Southern Med were all under the political influence of Egypt. So one might deduce they were the off spring of N. African Migrants.
much like we do today. They had three main bodies of government. These were the Assembly, the Council, and Courts. Our government today also has three branches; Executive, Legislative
1. Pick a medium in which you want to learn. You may want to find a class to attend, or you might prefer to work on your own. For self-directed study you might choose an online resource
Go online and with your web browser go to and use it's Ancient Greek forum. This will offer free translation of short passages. Also try
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Well, it depends on the time frame you are looking at. The ancient Greek cities went through many different government types before landing on democracy. The first ...
All of the city-states that made up Greece had their own individual government systems that established their own government rule. Greece was not a democratic ...
The government in the ancient Greek city of Megara was a democracy. Megara was a coastal city who had their own coinage. They were famous for their beautiful textiles ...
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