Ancient Greek Pottery?


The ancient Greeks had different pottery that was made uniquely and depicted anything from music to slavery, spinning, weaving, death, children, and agriculture. Sometimes, pottery such as a lekane (bowl created interestingly) depicted human sacrifices to deities like their Athena. One thing that is shown on some ancient Greek pottery is a depiction of something called a symposium. Basically, these symposiums were parties centered around celebrating with alcohol. Some ancient Greek pottery shows the story of how a woman is making an offering or sacrifice near a tomb.
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1. Spray the entire pot with an even coat of the terra cotta-colored spray paint. Be sure you do this is a well-ventilated area. 2. Allow the paint to dry completely according to
Pots were made in one of 3 ways in the ancient world. They were formed by making lines of clay and stacking them, and pushing the lines together. By hand forming a lump of clay into
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