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The ancient Greeks had different pottery that was made uniquely and depicted anything from music to slavery, spinning, weaving, death, children, and agriculture. Sometimes, pottery such as a lekane (bowl created interestingly) depicted human sacrifices to deities like their Athena. One thing that is shown on some ancient Greek pottery is a depiction of something called a symposium. Basically, these symposiums were parties centered around celebrating with alcohol. Some ancient Greek pottery shows the story of how a woman is making an offering or sacrifice near a tomb.
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A long time ago, probably in ancient times.
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North African migrants. The communities of the Southern Med were all under the political influence of Egypt. So one might deduce they were the off spring of N. African Migrants.
1. Spray the entire pot with an even coat of the terra cotta-colored spray paint. Be sure you do this is a well-ventilated area. 2. Allow the paint to dry completely according to
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