Ancient Indian Clothing?


Ancient Indian clothing consisted almost entirely of cotton material. Since India happened to be the first place to grow cotton, it was a prime material for clothing. Depending on the period in time, Indian women wore single sheets of cloth that was wrapped around their bodies. This long fabric wrapped in intricate ways on the body was called a sari. The sari could be used for anything from a dress to a pants type outfit for the working females.
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1. Cut two pieces of linen that are each 2 yards long and as wide as the widest part of your body. Lay the two fabric pieces directly on top of each other, right sides of the fabric
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It really depends on the couple and the kind of wedding they're having. In many half-Indian weddings, some events will be Indian in theme and others more Western. Saris can also vary
Mostly linen clothes but men wear kilts around the waist and women, though there were not many female scribes they wore straight fitting dresses with straps for the shoulders.
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