Ancient Mayan Civilization?


The ancient Mayan civilization was located where the Yucatan, Guatemala, and Belize are currently located. Geographically, the Mayans lived right between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. The Mayan civilization made ceramic and clay pots that they would use to either cook or store food in. The Mayans also had such a high regard for the sun that they seemed to be almost obsessed with it to the point of following the path it took.
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They are remembered for many reason, almost too many to explain. One of the most obvious is the Mayan Calender. The Mayan Calender consists of three "rounds" the the biggest
The Maya is most recognized for its architecture, art and written language. Their influence reached into other countries. There are several factors considered as to the collapse of
The Mayan civilization got it's name from where it is
They used to do really dramatic rituals with their monarchs, whom they believed to be close to gods (bloodletting and the like) so that the city would prosper. However, the Mayas
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The ancient Mayan civilization was a highly developed civilization in what is now the jungle regions of Mexico and Central America. The ancient Mayans lived between ...
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The ancient government of the Mayan civilization were led by the priests. They led the ceremonies and assisted in giving births. They lived in big palaces. They ...
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