Ancient Mayan Government?


The government in the times of the ancient Mayans was relatively simple when looking at it from the outside. Every city was controlled by its own family of nobility. The responsibility to rule the city would be passed on down to the eldest son without fail. Perhaps not government information itself, but important to the people of the government, is the fact that everyone in the Mayan culture spoke the same language, counted the same way, and even donned the same clothes.
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The Ancient Mayans had a Monarchy government.
Since Mayan don't got much enemies so they don't got huge army. because they are fearious, they capture the enemies and take their heart while they are alive and offer to their sun
The ancient Maya Government was an hereditary
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The Mayan government was a government that was ruled by the Mayan kings and priest. This means that it was a hierarchical government. The Mayans lived in independent ...
There were many ancient Mayan jobs. The prince grew up to be the king, which was, of course, the easiest job. There were scribes, stonemasons, artisans, traders, ...
The ancient Mayans used only their own feet for transportation. Horses were not in the Americas at that time. The Mayans did have a complex system of roads, complete ...
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