Ancient Spears?


Ancient spears were made very similarly in the different areas of the world they were being made. The pole of the spear was wood with a bronze blade attached to one end. Sometimes, the spear tips were flint and a lot like arrow heads. The use of the spear as a weapon is pretty straight forward as the point's job was to pierce into the thing the user would like to kill. While it may not take as much skill as some other, more complicated weapons to master, it is still a highly specialized field of weaponry.
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1. Designate a working surface with ample light for assembling your spear. Clear the area of any dirt, debris or dust. 2. Lift your wooden shaft and decide on the exact length for
Spears were an indigenous weapon of the people of ancient Egypt, meaning that they always had them from their earliest known history - so spears were not introduced. A specific type
The equipment of troops in the Roman Army developed over time; also different types of troops were equipped with different weapons. The "hasta" or spear was not originally
Possibly the most ancient fighting tool in the world, the spear has a considerable legacy both as a hunting device and a weapon. Ancient Egyptians used a 5- to 6-foot shaft tipped
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