What is an angled bob haircut?


An angled bob is a type of hair cut that was popular in mid-2011. The angled bob looks like a traditional bob with short hair that reaches to the neck and is curled or shaped inward. It becomes an angled bob when the hair is cut at an angle starting from either the front of the face and down the bob towards the back or with the angle starting back towards the ears and coming down to the front.
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A Chin Length Bob is always stylish and sophisticated and is fun with a
1. Wrap the cutting cape tightly around the neck and fasten in place. Wet the hair thoroughly with the spray bottle and comb through to remove tangles. Reapply water to any sections
1 Visit a professional hairstylist. While a standard bob haircut is easy enough to attempt at home, an asymmetrical bob can be very complicated. A professional has the training required
i am thinking about getting a bob haircut but i dont want it victoria beckham short in the back, so i am looking for variations of this haircut. p.s. i want to take the pic to my
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How to Cut an A-Line Bob Hairstyle
While the bob has always been a popular women's hairstyle, it is making a big comeback in the form of an angled A-line. The A-line bob is being sported by singers and celebrities, and it is an easy style to emulate if you have straight, even hair that is... More »
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