How to Throw an Animal House Toga Party?


To throw an Animal House toga party find decorations with a Greek theme like greenery or ivy in the doorways. Play music from the movie Animal House and have everyone wear togas. For food you could eat Roman style dishes.
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1. Invite your friends to an "Animal House" toga party. Buy premade invitations with a Roman-style appearance, or make some unique ones yourself. A Roman scroll would be
It was Otis Day & The Knights performing that song.
John 'Bluto' Blutarsky
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Many people have made togas from flat, white bed sheets. Just wrap the sheet around you and tie it at the shoulder for that Animal House Toga Party look! ...
Animal House toga is a comedy movie that was released by Universal pictures in the United States by 1978. It was directed by 'Casey Nicholaw', however the original ...
'National Lampoon's Animal House' is the comedy movie set in the 60s that inspired a 70s fad for toga parties and food fights. This movie starred John Belushi ...
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