What are some animal names that start with the letter "G"?


Giraffe, gorilla, grasshopper and gerbil are animals that start with the letter G. G is the seventh letter and the fifth consonant of the English alphabet, found between the letters F and H.

Every class of vertebrate has at least one member that starts with the letter G. Reptiles have geckos, mammals have gerbils, gophers, gorillas and guinea pigs, birds have Galapagos penguins, fish have the guppy and amphibians have the gliding tree frog. Quite a few dog breeds start with the letter G as well, including the Great Dane, the German shepherd and the giant schnauzer. If none of these are enough, try on the scientific names of animals, such as Gallinula, Gerridae, Giraffa, Gliridae, Gruidae and Gynnidomorpha.

Many plant names also begin with the letter G, such as grapefruit, goldenrod (a type of flower) and of course, the grass that people mow. Some Spanish names for animals start with G, such as "gato" for cat, "grillo" for cricket, "grulla" for crane, and "gavilán" for hawk. Finally, the Galapagos islands, also, of course, starting with the letter G, are one of the most biologically diverse land regions in the world, containing many species that only inhabit this chain of islands.

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goose/geese grasshopper
Some animals that start with the letter "g" include giraffe, gazelle, and gorilla.
Here are some "G" animals: Gar, Gavial, Gazelle, Gecko, Gelada, Gha...
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Animals that begin with the letter G include gecko, gerbil, gibbon, giraffe, goat, goose, gorilla and grasshopper.
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