Animal Poaching?


Animal poaching is the illegal process of hunting and killing animals. Hunters who illegally capture and kill animals are called poachers. Animal poaching is seen in most areas of the world, with Africa being one of the most hunted. Animals are poached for many reasons. Exotic animals are poached to sell, elephants are poached for their ivory tusks, and alligators are poached for their leathery skin. Animal poaching is done for the meat of animals as well as their eggs.
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Though poaching has long been a problem in central Africa, the introduction of well-funded poaching organizations with advanced weaponry to the area has caused the poaching problem
"Poaching" can be either a cooking term or a legal term. In legal terms, poaching is the act of capturing or killing an animal that is either under a protected status (endangered
I think Eugene is right. Rhinos are poached for their ivory horns, for traditional chinese medicine. Elephants are also poached, but rhinos seem to suffer more. You can read about
African rhinos and Minke and Grey Whales are the animals that are poached most often
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The exact amount of animals that are poached every year is impossible to determine. Do has some statistics about the poaching of several animals, ...
animal poaching started back in the 16th century in Africa ...
Elephants, Rhinos, and Leopards. And small plains game, the locals use it for food. ...
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