Animals Found in Polar Region?


There are different polar region areas in the world, with the two main ones being the Antarctic and the Arctic. The animals found in the polar region must be hardy animals, able to survive the massive cold temperatures. Some of the animals found in the polar region include lemmings, Arctic hares, wolves, lions, narwhals, sea lions, killer whales, polar bears, penguins, leopard seals, and the walrus. Other animals can include caribou, snowy owl, muskox, Arctic fox, snow goose, tundra voles, puffins, krill, shrimp, and reindeer.
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Polar Bears, of course. also much avian life ( arctic tern, for example) the subject of wildlife in the desolate North is the subject of many writers and explorers- also an occupational
Arctic - seals, walrus, narwhal, whales, polar bears, fish. Antarctic - penguins, seals, whales, fish.
Due to the harsh weather in the polar regions, there are not
Polar region means it's really cold because they have to swim in ice water. Cell membranes have phospholipids and cholesterol. The membrane is very fluid and it moves around. If it
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