Animals in Weasel Family?


The weasel family is scientifically known as the Mustelidae family. There has been debate on which animals belong in the weasel family because many animals were tossed into the category that didn't fit any other category. Animals that are currently listed in the weasel family include domestic mountain weasels, giant otter, wolverines, marten, badgers, ferrets, tayra, mink and sables. At one time, skunks were also part of the Mustelidae or weasel family, but were then classified as their own family.
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Genus: Mustela - Ermines, ferrets, minks, stoats, European polecat. ferrets,minks,martens.
The ratel is a fierce, fighting member of the weasel family. Closely
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The mink is of the family Mustelidae, like the weasel. They are all over North America and are quite prolific. A mink looks similar to a weasel. They live in burrows ...
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