Animals That Live in the Appalachian Mountains?


There are many animals that live in the Appalachian mountains. The mountains are known for their five species of tree squirrel and cottontail rabbit. Other animals commonly found there include the beaver, black bear, striped skunk, raccoon, and bobcat.
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Squirrels abound such as the Red, the Fox, the Southern Flying, and the Northern Flying squirrel, with the most common being the Grey squirrel. Many mammals, birds and fish live in
Video Transcript. I am here to talk to you about dangerous animals in the Appalachian Mountains. These days, the most dangerous animals in the Appalachian Mountains are probably humans
Animals that characterize the Appalachian forests include tree
a great diversity in a temperate deciduous forest.
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Animals That Live in the Appalachian Mountains in Georgia
The Appalachian Mountains span from southeastern Canada through part of Alabama, passing through Georgia. A diverse array of animals inhabit the streams and broadleaf forest that cover this mountain range.... More »
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