Animals That Start with U?


The uguisu is one of the animals that start with U. The uguisu is a very small bird that is most often found in China, Taiwan, and Japan. This bird is most known for their beautiful song and the use of their feces in beauty products. Other animals that begin with U include the uakari, uraster, Ulysses butterfly, umbrella bird, upupa, urutu, Uganda kob, uinta chipmunk, upside down catfish, upland gorilla, umbrette, Utah prairie dog, and the u-spot wrasse.
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Umbrellabird (Really), Unicorn (Fictional),
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Umbrella Cocatoo, Urchin, Uromastyx (lizard), Uinita ground squirrel, Uakari (monkey).
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Animals that begin with the letter U include urchin and umbrella bird.
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The Uguisu is a small, omnivorous bird that inhabits Far East locations such as Japan, China and Taiwan. Its song is distinctly beautiful, and it is commonly known ...
There are many animals that have the first letter of their names beginning with the letter U. Some of these animals include the Uakari which is a South American ...
There are numerous animals that start with K. One of the more rare animals that starts with K is the Komodo dragon. This animal can only be found on five islands ...
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