Animals with Six Legs?


There are no animals with six legs, however there are insects with six legs and some sea animals that have six legs. This include spiders, daddy longlegs, and scorpions this calls for further research on this question.
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Insects oh and by the way its. what type of animal has 6 legs.
An insect is defined as "any animal of the class Insecta, comprising small, air-breathing
Like, animals or insects? . Animals. only deformed ones. like that one cow that has two extra legs on it's * That's six legs. . Bugs, bee's wasps, ants, flys, blah blah blah. o3o.
Note that in this image, not only does the spider have six legs, the flies have four. Not only is this quicker to draw, not just once, but the hundreds to thousands of times needed
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Most animals consist of four legs though only animals that have six or more legs are insects. Examples of insects with six legs include mosquitoes, bees, butterflies ...
The differences between a bug and an insect is that a bug is a type of insect, while an insect is a small animal with six legs and one or two pairs of wings. Examples ...
Sodas, beer and eggs sometimes come in groups of six. A guitar has 6 strings and most insects have 6 legs. There are also 6 sides to a dice. ...
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